I never thought it would come to this....

In May, 2009, I sold my second VW Westfalia camper.  I thought, “maybe I’ll do the B&B thing for a while”. Not a chance!  8 weeks later I had Westy No. 3 in the stable and there’s no looking back!  They don’t call me westywoman for nothing!

In bowing to this addiction, I have decided to fully embrace the joy, my camping friends and the good times - past, present & future- and record the fun on this website. ~Westywoman

Westy No. 2, Brunhilde, on Skyline Drive in Virginia during Historic Garden Week, April 2000. 1981 Vanagon Basic Camper.

Westy No. 1, Goldilocks, towing jet-skiis in Southern California, summer 1989. 1985 Vanagon GL.

Westy No. 3, Honey Bee, enjoying the salt air at Ocean Cove. 1984 Vanagon.